Journal Publications
  • Tsai, T. H., Chang, H. T., Chen, Y. J., & Chang, Y.S. (2017). Determinants of user acceptance of a specific social platform for older adults: An empirical examination of user interface characteristics and behavioral intention. PloS one, 12(8)

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  • Tsai, T. H., Tseng, K. C., & Chang, Y.S. (2017). Testing the usability of smartphone surface gestures on different sizes of smartphones by different age groups of users. Computers in Human Behavior, 75, 103-116.

Conference Proceedings
  • Chang, Y.S. (2018). The Moderator Effect of Working Memory and Emotion on the Relationship between Information Overload and Online Health Information Quality Judgment. To appear in the Proceedings of the 3rd ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR 2018), New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, March 11-15.

  • Tsai, T.S., Tseng, K., Chang, Y.S., Lee, M.Y., Lin, W.Y., Lin, C.C., Chang, P.C. (2016). Technology Acceptance and Anxiety about the Use of Smart Clothes among Older Adults. Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research Conference, Leeds, United Kingdom, Aug. 31 – Sep. 2.

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Conference Posters
  • Chang, Y.S., Gwizdka, J. (2018). Relevance Criteria Dynamics: A Study of Online News Selection on SERPs. To appear in Proceedings of the 81th Association for Information Science & Technology Annual Meeting- ASIS&T'2018

  • Chang, Y.S., Lin, M.H., Lin, Y.T., Hwang, S.L., Yu, L. Y., & Wen, C.H. (2013). Effect of Different Objects and Moving Velocities on 3D Animation Image Quality. The International Display Manufacturing Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, Aug. 27-30.

  • Lin, M.H., Chen, C.S., Chang, Y.S., Huang, H.T., Wang, P.C., Hwang, S.L., & Wen, C.H. (2012). Effects of The Best Versus The Worst Conditions on Visual Comfort for Viewing Autostereoscopic Displays. The 4th International Conference on 3D Systems and Applications, Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 25-27.

  • Chang, Y.S., & Lee, Y.S. (2010). Fundamental Attribution Error in Conceptual and Perceptional Difficulties. The 49th Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Psychological Association, Chiayi, Taiwan, Nov. 6-7.

Conference Student Posters Competition
  • Cha, Y., Chang, Y.S., Gutierrez, A., Levin, H., Wilkinson, J., Xu, X., & Nordquist, E. (2018). Designing a Mobile App for Individuals Recovering from an Opioid Addiction. The 2018 User Experience Professionals Association International Conference, Peurto Rico, USA, Jun. 26-28

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