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Spring 2022 - Introduction to User Experience Design

Guest speaker Eric Graham demonstrating Figma
This course covered the foundations of user experience design: the psychology of human action, design principles, UI design process/cycle, user research, prototyping, and evaluation. Students worked in groups, went through the design cycle, and evaluated and presented a product prototype. 

I co-taught this course with my advisor Dr. Jacek Gwizdka. Throughout the semester I mainly led in-class discussions, gave lectures, guided research activities (card sorting, affinity diagram), and invited a guest speaker - Eric Graham, Senior Interactive Designer from Dell - to show students how to use Figma and answer their questions about UI work experience in the industry.   
Students practicing affinity diagram


Spring 2021 - Evaluation of Interactive Systems

This is a project-based, undergraduate course on teaching topics around usability testing principles, strategies, and methods. Students worked in groups to complete a user research project and conduct remote usability testing. The topics they worked on were, Craigslist, and Goodreads. 

I organized and moderated a UX Research Panel so that students can learn what it is like to work as a UX Researcher in the industry. Three UT iSchool alumni, Dr. Jin Gao, Bria Fowler, and Tom Reavley shared their working experience and how UT iSchool's courses prepared them to be a user researcher.  
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