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Designing Customer Journey Map & Service Blueprint for Schedueling Primary Care Appointment

* This page is meant to be a brief description of the project. Please contact me directly if you would like to learn more about how to create a customer journey map and a service blueprint.
  • Accessing primary care has been an issue for Legacy Health's patients. Patients are experiencing a long wait time to schedule their next primary care visit. It is also challenging for new patients to search for a provider who is accepting new patients.
  • Understand patients' needs and challenges in searching and selecting a provider and scheduling an appointment 
  • Understand internal stakeholders' pain points in their work related to scheduling primary care appointments
  • Improve internal stakeholder' work flow and converge siloed working process
  • Customer journey map: surveyed 200 patients, interviewed 8 patients, and conducted usability testing on Legacy Health's website with 9 users to understand patients' needs and challenges in scheduling a primary care appointment. 
  • Service blueprint: interviewed 18 internal stakeholders (3 Marketing, 4 Information System, 2 schedulers, 6 clinic managers, and 3 providers) and conducted contextual inquiries at 4 clinics to understand internal stakeholders' workflow and pain points at scheduling appointments for patients.
  • The whole project took about 4 months to complete 
  • We identified 6 opportunities to improve the scheduling process and shared the results with 28 internal stakeholders at a 3-hour workshop session.
  • Received senior leadership’s buy-in to execute the 6 strategic recommendations. Projected an increase in primary care online scheduling rate by 33% and OBGYN new patient visits by 3%.
Customer journey map
Service blueprint
MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png
Me presenting research insigts to internal stakeholders
Stakeholders reviewing and discussing the journey map
Stakeholders provided feedback on the service blueprint 
Stakeholders reviewing and discussing the service blueprint 
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