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Testing innovative concepts to improve patients' access to healthcare

  • The Customer Experience (CX) team partnered with a clinic to test several innovative concepts. The goal of the concepts is to improve patients' access to healthcare, such as shortening the waiting time for the next appointment and increasing providers' capacity to see new patients.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • This project involves many CX members. My roles in this project involve working as a UXR and a PM.  
  • UXR: Identify KPIs and develop a metric dashboard using Power BI; design patients and stakholders' satisfaction surveys.
  • PM: Use Asana to manage the project. 
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* This page is meant to be a brief description of the project.
  • Metric dashboard: the goal of developing the metric dashboard is to evaluate the feasibility, desirability, and viability of the experiments. Below is a brief description of the process of identifying metrics and creating the dashboard. 
    • Discuss with stakeholders to identify what metrics to track for each experiment.
    • Categorize the metrics into two dimensions (metric types & innovative components).
    • Create the metric dashboard by using Power BI 

  • Satisfaction survey: the goal of the surveys is to continuously measure patients' and employee's satisfaction of the tested concepts. The survey results serve as indicators of customers' desirability for the new services and the feasibility to scale the tested concept at other clinics. The feedback gathered from employees can support the CX team to revise the experiment throughout the study. I will provide weekly feedback to the stakeholders so that the team can make timely adjustments. 
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